About 30 years ago, Julie Donovan and Nancy Young, as members of the Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce Merchant Committee, approached Ligonier Borough Council asking for permission to install hooks on each lamppost in order to hang flower baskets. They felt this addition to the Diamond park would add to the beauty of the center of town, and create an inviting feeling to our visitors. Borough granted permission to the Chamber, the hooks were purchased from Restoration Hardware in Derry, and Bob Shaw, who owned Laurel Mountain Farm Supply, jumped at the chance to create the flower baskets. Merchants volunteered to nurture the baskets every day from Memorial Day until just before Fort Ligonier Days. This was a huge commitment, but it worked, and continued for almost 30 years. When Bob Shaw retired, Agway graciously donated the flowers for the baskets. As a continuation of the Diamond Renaissance Project, new pots have been purchased that mirror the urns on the bandstand, Gaynor’s Backachers Farm and Greenhouse will create a new visual on the Diamond and the beautiful baskets will now be nurtured by Ligonier Borough. The Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Ligonier Borough, Bob and Jane Shaw, the Cairns family, Ligonier Agway, and all the merchant and community volunteers for their many years of donating time and flowers to keep our Diamond a beautiful focal point of this quaint little town we are fortunate enough to call home.

      ~Debbie Sarault