Weeders and Seeders Garden Club

Weeders and Seeders is Ligonier’s very active Garden Club. New members are always welcome!

We are helping our Community in many ways, education, beautification of our town and caring for our community. Below are a few pictures of activities that we are involved in.

We help maintain the Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce sign with plantings. We also plant and take care of the containers at the Ligonier Valley Library. Veteran’s Park, maintained by us, is a Blue Star Memorial project which was voted 2nd best in the nation for a small garden club the year it was dedicated. We plant and keep up with the beautiful flowerbeds in front of the YMCA. The flowerbed area of St. Clair Park is another garden we attend to. We help plant and grow a variety of special flowerbeds at the Penn State Certified Pollinator Friendly Garden at Ligonier Country Market. 

We organize special activities for children which consist of the planting of the Children’s Community Garden and having the children paint pumpkins in the fall with pumpkins grown from the children’s vegetable garden.

Come and join us for our meetings. These usually precede our educational programs. If you join, and we hope you will, dues are just $25 a year. This helps us to continue our community service projects.


To learn more about the Weeders and Seeders Garden Club please view the Weeders and Seeders Yearbook by clicking HERE!