Experience the “Pheel of PhotographyTM”.  – Photography is about sharing a feeling. It is about allowing other people to not only see, but to feel, a moment and allow them to imagine how they might feel in that same moment. There are millions of photos out there, but the truly special shots transport the viewer to a different time and place. My art relies on capturing, rather than creating a moment, therefore I love to focus on the artistic views and fleeting moments rather than on the posed or studio shots. The locking of eyes with a wild animal, that moment when a rainbow mysteriously appears in the sky, or the playful laughter between people; THAT is the ““Pheel of PhotographyTM”! My hope is that these photos transport each of you to those amazing moments that transform existing to living.

I believe that beautiful photography should be able to all individuals and businesses so I keep my prices reasonable. If you are looking for meaningful fine art, local, wildlife, pet, event, real estate photos and more, please give us a call! Please note that though always flattered at the request, we rarely shoot weddings.