Situated in a 200-year old National Register-listed structure, an attraction in itself, visitors will view the nationally acclaimed short film “Through the Windshield”; see what gas pumps looked like when gasoline sold for only $0.17 a gallon; learn that a 22-year old mother of two was the first woman to drive across the country by herself in 1909; discover why quirky, supersized buildings were so popular during the Lincoln Highway era (1912-1940); reminisce about former drive-ins; and browse the Gift Shop that is packed with not only kitschy memorabilia, but also one-of-a-kind juried Handmade along the Highway items by local artisans.  

The Lincoln Highway Experience museum is 7 miles west of Ligonier, and OPEN January-December: 
Mon-Fri, 9am-4 pm and May-October: Sat., 9 am-1 pm.