Most folks don’t know that when I was young I was attacked by our family dog. Not intentionally. Nor provoked. So, for 30 years I carried around a HUGE fear of dogs & a distaste of wanting to be around them. Then one day my husband brought home Duke. I had to relearn to trust and love this animal, A DOG. Two husky’s later, I can’t imagine life without them. Duke & Aspen gave me so much and even though the physical scars are still there, I in return want to give back to all those precious pups that I lost out on in the past years. I’m a passionate animal lover. From Cats, dogs & anything with four legs (snakes…BIG FEAR.)

If you love living everyday with your pets by your side, you’re just like us. My two huskies, Duke & Aspen offer the inspiration to keep Ligonier Paws on Main fresh, evolving and involved with our community.

So if you’re looking for unique goods to celebrate the dogs, cats & small animals in your life, you’ll enjoy being part of our Paws living community, as I like to call it. Keep tabs with us on Facebook and Instagram for new product arrivals and tons of cute client photos (it’s no secret we have the best and cutest clients.