Everyday Therapeutics has always been about community connections to build the ultimate experience for every client! When you step into our space you will feel the difference of a wellness focused place. We created a very inviting environment to unwind and to be able to have services available without an appointment.

  • ETM maximized the smallest space in Ligonier for 7 years and now we grew into a much larger space with more options!
  • Our newest addition(s) are a store front walk-in targeted for “fun” treatments without booking an appointment. This would be our Oxygen Bar which can handle 2 people at a time! It is the newest craz in big cities, to think clear and to help with stress. and even hangovers! We also have a Zyto Scan which reads your hand to tell you which essential oils your body needs. P.S. this is extremely accurate.
  • On the spot you can walk-in and get a foot soak in our New Foot Soak room ready for 3 people using our Large Copper Bowls and chairs made for relaxation. Offering a Reflexologist 3-4 times a week! If you have been shopping all day or just need a little “me” time. This can be made private or group focused. FUN FUN !!!
  • Our Clearlight Sauna made for 3 people (really comfortable for 2) has moved with us and can be used all year long.
  • Float Pods will be hitting our town! This is a wellness plan most will want to sign up on a regular. We researched these for years and Samadhi Tanks are the most impressive to take your float journey! If you have never heard of floating outside of summer swimming experiences; it is time to grow your knowledge of alternative wellness. We will keep feeding you information on float tanks! Videos available soon.
  • We have a relaxation room prior to a massage session. Our staff will walk you back and treat you to our new amenities before your session, not limited to massage. ETM will grow with Cranial Sacral Therapist, Estheticians, and Reiki Masters, and Crystal Therapy in addition to our massage menu. The coolest part is our rooms can open up to couples massage rooms and class rooms. YES, finally teaching classes!
  • NEW CONCEPT is our meditation/sound bowl healing room. This won’t be too large but could be shared as a couple or small group! If you are not ready to rejoin the world after treatments, head to our healing room of peace. This will grow into a Thai Massage Room and Shiatsu Massage Room as the talented therapist find their way to joining our space. Sound Bowl Healing will be another treatment to try out and grow your wellness experience.
  • Salt Room!!! We will have a 6 to 8 person salt room! I have taken my family to a ton of salt rooms near and far, this price point will be geared for continual use to clear your bronchial passage ways and to clear up sinus troubles. If you can’t live by the ocean, this is the next best thing. COPD and skin issues can benefit from this treatment. We are wheel chair accessible and have one ready at the door.
~to your continued wellness, Everyday Therapeutics Team


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