Bring Your Own Bag!

Over 20 businesses already sign up with the Environmental Committee of Citizens to Preserve Ligonier Valley, to give a free, reusable shopping bag to customers.  The Chamber logo and the facebook site of the environmental committee will be printed on the free bags.  

Written by: Ashley Krause

Beginning with a partnership with Giant Eagle, the reusable bag project continued to grow.  Giant Eagle even offers entry in a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to any shoppers who do remember to bring their own bag!

Many stores like the Tree House, Home Store and Post and Rail already use bags that are reusable or paper bags that will decompose in a landfill. A number of stores, My Honey Bee and G Square, also sell lovely reusable bags.  Café Connections already uses “paper” take out containers. Cari Frei reports that Ligonier Country Market plans to roll out a reusable bag this season, too!

Together, we can begin to make a difference to keep plastic out of our streams, off our roadsides and out of our landfills and oceans!


For bags for your store if we missed you, contact Vickie Oles, [email protected].