Thank you for visiting the Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce website. The Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce is a community builder. We focus on ways to make the community a better place to work, live and visit. We focus on making Ligonier’s businesses stronger and we focus on fostering an environment where business can prosper. In many ways, the success of Ligonier is directly tied to the success of its business community. The success of the Ligonier Valley Chamber is directly tied to its membership base. If you’re not a member, we encourage you to join!

What is the Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce?

We’re a voluntary association of concerned businesses, professionals, and other community-spirited citizens, who pool our resources, manpower, and collective wisdom for the benefit of the entire Ligonier Valley. The Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce is the place where visitors, new residents, business people, and others make their first impression of the quality and hospitality of the area.

Who is the Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce?


Executive Director: Amy Beitel

Amy has served as an educational leader at both Cambria-Rowe Business College and WyoTech as well as a Community School Director and Field Manager at the Greater Johnstown Middle School. Through her years of experience in higher education, she has been involved in coordinating events and programs with a diverse community of current and former learners, employers, and community members.  Amy currently serves on the Communities in Schools of Pennsylvania Board of Directors. She lives in Ligonier with her husband, Roger, and sons, Zachary and Nicholas.




Chamber Board of Directors: 

President: Joyce Mcintire | Vice President: Lauren Cassler | Secretary: Judy Podlucky | Treasurer: Jeremiah Fritz

 Board Members: Meaghan Cutlip, Sharon Detar, Jack Fry, Stephanie Hernandez, Rev. Bryan Jarrell, Sandra Svilar, Eric Vogelsang, and Kathy Wood

Why Should You Join The Chamber?

It makes good business sense to support the organization that does so much to promote the Ligonier Valley. Without your support, many important services would not receive the attention they need.

Mission Statement

The Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce advances and promotes civic, commercial, recreational, historical, educational, and environmental interests to the benefit of the Ligonier Valley, Pennsylvania.

We Promote Businesses

The Chamber of Commerce is the organizer of promotions such as sidewalk sales, the member directory, and the walking/shopping/dining map. Thousands of people visit Ligonier because of our events.

We Promote Tourism

Hundreds of tourists and prospective tourists contact us for information about the Ligonier Valley’s attractions. Tourism is the Valley’s biggest industry.

We Coordinate the Community

The Chamber organizes and manages many events including Concerts on the Diamond, Antiques on the Diamond, The Stroll, Light Up Ligonier, and more.

We are the Community Voice

The Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce acts as a “legislative watchdog” and frequently takes a stand on local, state, and federal legislation on issues affecting all the people of the Valley. We work closely with Borough Council and Township Officials to improve the quality of life in the entire Ligonier Valley.

We Support Community Improvements

Beginning with the Fort Ligonier Memorial Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce has either started or supported, most community projects for over 60 years, including the Ligonier Valley YMCA and the Ligonier Country Market. The Chamber assisted with the coordination of community efforts to support merchants during the Diamond Part Renaissance Project.

We Answer Your Questions

The Chamber replies to thousands of inquiries about your community, including questions from prospective tourists and people with new business ventures. We answer thousands of questions annually from people requesting information on businesses, services, and events.